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Frequently Asked Questions

Of course.  Just print the shopping cart page with your shipping information filled out and we will have all the info we need and you will then have a total due for your check amount.  If you will go through the order process including placing the items you want in the shopping cart there should be no confusion about what to make for you.

Orders along with payment can be mailed to:

          Name Frame Place
          P.O. Box 308
          Republic, MO  65738

We began doing Arts & Craft shows in 2006.

No, that doesn't ever seem to work out for us.  We work from our home so, we don't want business traffic in and out of our home.  However, we have free shipping on all of our web orders.

Yes.  All our our name mats are made by us, NEVER out-sourced or sub-contracted.  Even our frames are American made.  Our frames are made for us by a company in Arkansas.

Yes.  That is one of the reasons we use this type of wood.  There is no heavy, open wood grain to fight with the colors that you will find in a wood like oak.  When you use a thicker paint or a darker stain, you will probably cover up or fill in the lines that are otherwise visible where the letters attach at the photo opening.  This is not a problem with lighter or thinner stains.

Because we are focussed on making name mats for people, not constantly updating our website.  If you want info about whether we will be in a particular area feel free to contact us via email.  We're glad you want to find us!

We are a family business without a large staff.  It is not practical to take orders or answer questions while driving or while assisting customers at an Arts & Craft Show.  We have created the website as the best and most convenient and practical way for our customers to order products.  If you have questions that are not addressed within the website, please email us using the contact page and we will gladly address your questions.

We can make any name that the space allows for, as long as characters such as hyphens and apostrophes are not used (we have no place the attach those type of "floating" characters).

We have different sizes and configurations of mats, each with a different answer.  The maximum number of characters have been put into the description of each product.

Yes.  All of our mats go into standard sized frames; 5x7, 8x10, 11x14 & 16x20.  The easiest frames to use have the bend-back tabs to more easily allow for the thickness of the mat.

Yes.  Since we make all of the mats, we can make can make any size for you up to 18x24.

Our largest stock mat is a 16x20.  Our largest capacity is 18x24.

Not at this time.  That is something we would like to add to the website at a fututre date though.

In general, because of our varied travel schedule, it takes a week.  However, if you order comes in while we are in the shop, it will be just a day or two.  There are a couple weeks in the summer when we are on the road for two or three weeks before returning home.  During any abnormal travel circuit notices are posted on the website so you will know of the delay prior to ordering.

No, we also take checks and money orders.  However, the easiest and quickest way to order is online, using PayPal.  We use PayPal to process our cards because most frequent online shoppers know PayPal as a safe and secure means of online purchasing.

If we made the spelling error, we will make it correctly and reship it ASAP.  However, if you ordered it incorrectly there will be additional charges.  Please understand, we specialized in difficult to find names and/or spellings.  So we think nothing of unusual spellings on an order.  All of our web sales are custom made for your order, not pulled from inventory.  Consequently, we have no use for your misspelled name either.  Sorry.

This happens VERY rarely, but it does happen.  Just let us know and your order will be remade and sent out ASAP.

No.  Unfortunately, due to the unpredictable nature of international shipping rates, we only offer free shipping within the U.S..


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